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Paediatric MRI Series – Wrist

MRI Gallery - Paediatric MRI of Wrist

Paediatric MRI Series:

MRI of the wrist is a useful tool in children, particularly in the assessment of any injury following a fall.

Though an X-ray may demonstrate a fracture adequately in most instances, there are some circumstances where a fracture is difficult to appreciate or not visible at all. In such scenarios where clinical suspicion for a fracture remains high despite a normal scan, an MRI has the ability to confidently exclude this diagnosis, in particular fractures of the all important scaphoid bone.

The scaphoid bone is one of, if not the, most important bones of the hand and wrist and unfortunately has a tenous blood supply. Lack of detection of scaphoid fractures may lead to interruption of this blood supply, followed by bone death (avascular necrosis) and secondary irreversible arthritis.

Bone Bruises

Figure 1. MRI of the wrist demonstrates abnormal bone marrow oedema as a bright region within the scaphoid (arrow) and trapezoid bones (T), in keeping with bone contusions/”bruises”

Figure 2. In the example above, bone bruises are seen of the capitate, scaphoid and the distal radius (arrows).

MRI assessment following a fall in a child may also demonstrate other diagnoses, such as:

Figure 3A.  Abnormally increased amount of fluid (arrows) in the wrist joint, known as an effusion due to direct impaction trauma, leading to a sensation of stiffness and decreased range of motion.

Figure 3B. Ganglion cyst formation, which occurs when increased fluid in the joint leads to excessive pressure and herniation of fluid from the confines of the joint.

Ligament sprain injuries, trauma to the tendons and surrounding soft tissues may also be depicted with a high degree of accuracy.

MRI scans of the wrist in children under 16 that are eligible for the Medicare rebate referred by GPs are bulk billed at Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

MBS Item Description

Referral by a medical practitioner (excluding a specialist or consultant physician) for a scan of hip for a patient under 16 years where:

  • scaphoid fracture is suspected
GP Referred


a previous radiographic examination must have been performed

Paediatric MRI Scans at Melbourne Radiology Clinic