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MRI Scans – Fees and Billing Policy

at Melbourne Radiology Clinic

Fees and Billing Policy
– MRI Scans.

All accounts are expected to be settled on the day that service is provided by Melbourne Radiology Clinic.

Our fees reflect the service, training and dedication of our professional staff and are in line with that seen in other leading radiology practices that provide the latest technology and state of the art equipment.  Complex and expensive equipment is required to provide an accurate diagnosis and an effective modern radiology practice.

MRI Bulk-Billed Services

Currently, the only MRI examinations that will be bulk billed [ie no “out-of-pocket” expense] at Melbourne Radiology Clinic are those that meet all of the criteria for Medicare expansion of MRI services to the public.

NOTE: Patients must have a valid Medicare card with them at the time of their appointment.


+ Referred by a GP*:
+ MRI region(s) to be scanned:

  • Adults (16 years and older):
    Brain, cervical spine and knee
  • Children (<16 years):
    Brain, cervical spine, lumbar spine, hip, knee, elbow & wrist.

+ MRI Scans to evaluate Crohn’s disease:
Specialist referrals only – not GP requested items

  • Adult ( > 16 years)

  • GP Referred*

    MRI of Body Region:

    – Head /Brain
    – Cervical Spine
    – Knee

    [*meeting clinical criteria]

  • Children (< 16 years)

  • GP Referred*

    MRI of Body Region:

    – Head / Brain
    – Spine
    – Hip
    – Knee
    – Elbow
    – Wrist

    [*meeting clinical criteria]


  • MRI Small Bowel

  • Specialist Referral Only*

    MRI to Evaluate Crohn’s Disease:

    [*meeting clinical criteria]


Many MRI scans conducted at Melbourne Radiology Clinic are not reimbursed by the government. Patients not meeting the criteria outlined above (see “Bulk-Billing”) are unable to have their MRI expenses claimed from Medicare or any private health fund, so patients are liable for the entire expense of the MRI examination.

Please note that patients referred by TAC, Workcover and Veteran Affairs are usually covered with a pre-certification authority provided by these third party insurers.


We accept all major credit cards and cash and also provide EFTPOS facilities at our practice.

Please note that we do not accept personal cheques.

Patients who experience severe financial difficulty may ask to discuss their individual situation with our practice manager.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Melbourne Radiology Clinic provides ‘Direct Billing’ (No out of pocket expense) for OSHC Worldcare international students only.
To access Direct Billing please make sure you bring your current membership card with you.